Insoo Kim was born in Los Angeles and attended high school at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in Toronto, Canada. After a year at the Rhode Island School of Design he graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University with a BFA in Film & Television. He works as an art director and concept artist in Los Angeles.


Contact     +1 310 869 1101


Partial Client/Company list

Ant Farm, Blind, Brand New School, Buck, Education Week, Elastic, Eventbrite, Eyeball, Imaginary Forces, King and Country, Mirada, Logan, Los York, PandaPanther, Picture Mill, Pixomondo, Poopular Mechanics, Prologue, Psyop, Roger, Royale, Runner's World, Sarofsky, Shilo, Stardust, Wieden + Kennedy, Wired, Village Voice


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