Skribl and the Skwod

Skribl and the Skwod was a comic strip I made from 2010-2011. It was eventually published monthly in Koream Journal. Bill Watterson was my main influence (of course) and I studied Calvin & Hobbes to better understand the art form. I don't think my writing was great but I put a significant effort into it so I've included most of them here.


The Skwod referred to the supporting cast of characters in Skribl's life. I didn't have to look very far for inspiration. Skribl's disapproving older sister, Tiffany, was based on my own older sister and the strip above with Skribl's grandmother was based on an actual conversation I once had with my grandmother.


Guest appearances were made by 2Pac, God and Death.


Pikl was Skribl's guru. I think he would have been a major character had I continued the strip, but this ended up being his only appearance.


Knukl's attitude and appearance was based on my cousin. I was influence by the Boondocks at this point and interested in exploring issues of Asian American identity.


Penny was introduced as Skribl's love interest (though Skribl was pretty clueless about romance). Penny eventually became the lead supporting character.


My final strip did not even feature Skribl. For some time I had been thinking of a villain character named Megalo, an evil alter-ego to Skribl. I eventually felt that he deserved his own strip, which would have a black background in contrast to the standard white. I only ended up making this first one.